We invited some of the best speakers to the "JFX Days" so that you get the most out of this event. The speaker list includes JavaFX influencers, JavaFX open source leaders, and JavaFX book authors. These guys know what they are talking about.


Hendrik is a Java developer at Karakun AG and lives in Dortmund, Germany. He is the founder and leader of the Java User Group Dortmund and gives talks and presentations in user groups and conferences. He's blogging about UI related topics at www.guigarage.com (or on Twitter @hendrikEbbers) and his JavaFX book "Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls" was released 2014 by Oracle press. Hendrik is a JavaOne Rockstar, JSR expert group member and Java Champion.



Bruno Borges has over 18 years of experience as a software developer. Frequent conference speaker, now developer advocate for Java at Microsoft. Before, between 2012/2017 was Oracle’s Principal Product Manager responsible for Developer Relations and Engagement Strategy for Oracle Cloud, Fusion Middleware, Java, and related technologies for application development. You can find him on Twitter @brunoborges.



Sergey Grinev is an experienced software engineer focused on building reliable, quality processes for Java platforms. He started working in this area during his employment with Oracle, where he was responsible for JavaFX testing. For the last few years, Sergey has worked for Azul Systems, assuring the quality of their custom JVMs. Sergey enjoys sharing his experience: he regularly presents Java conferences, gives lessons, and solves questions on Stack Overflow.




Johan started to work with Java in 1995. He was part of the Blackdown team, porting Java to Linux. His main focus is on end-to-end Java, combining back-end systems and mobile/embedded devices. He received a Duke Choice award in 2014 for his work on javafx on mobile.


In 2015, he co-founded Gluon, which allows enterprises to create (mobile) Java Client applications leveraging their existing backend infrastructure. Gluon received a Duke Choice award in 2015.


Johan is a Java Champion, a member of the BeJUG steering group, the Devoxx steering group and he is a JCP member. He is the lead author of the  Pro JavaFX 8 book, and he has been a speaker at numerous conferences on Java.


He is also the project lead for OpenJDK Mobile and the co-lead for OpenJFX




Michael Hoffer is a computer scientist working at the Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing in Frankfurt, Germany. He received the JavaOne Rock Star award in 2014 and 2015 and speaks regularly at well-known Java related conferences. Hoffer is the lead developer of VRL-Studio, an innovative visual programming environment that combines visual and text-based programming. In 2016 he received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Frankfurt, Germany. His research interests are frameworks for modeling high-level programming languages and visual programming concepts in the field of modeling and simulation of highly complex physical processes. He developed visual programming environments based on runtime and compile-time meta-programming techniques as well as language models which are capable of synchronizing textual and interactive hierarchical visual representations of source code. Hoffer blogs about visual programming, language models and related technologies at https://mihosoft.eu.


Gerrit is a software engineer with more fifteen years of experience in software development. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like JFXtras.org as well as his own projects (TilesFX, Medusa, Enzo, SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas). 

Gerrit blogs regularly at http://harmonic-code.org, he is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and leads the Java User Group Münster (Germany), is a JavaOne rockstar and Java Champion. He is a speaker at conferences and user groups internationally and writes for several magazines.



Dirk makes a living as a freelancer and consultant for Java projects with a very strong focus on JavaFX development. He also likes to blog about JavaFX, especially tips and tricks. You can find all 30+ posts here.


On his website at dlsc.com he is marketing his commercial JavaFX and Swing frameworks, also known as "FlexGantt".  


When time permits he works on open source projects such as ControlsFX, PreferencesFX, FormsFX, and CalendarFX. Dirk is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar speaker and presented at several international conferences.



Andres is a Java/Groovy developer and a Java Champion with more than 20 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application development since the early days of Java. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in many projects, in recent years focusing on JavaFX. Some of the projects in which he is the main contributor include the Griffon application framework, JSilhouette, Ikonli, TestFX-DSL, BootstrapFX and DesktopPaneFX. He has contributed to JFoenix, FormsFX, PreferencesFX, Gluon's JFXMobile and MapsFX, TestFX among others. Andres is the Spec Lead for JSR-377, the Java Desktop Application API.



Toni has more than 15 years experience leading Java projects and has published many articles on the topic. He is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His main interest is client side development, and he's one of the developers behind the DukeScript framework (http://dukescript.com). In his spare time he organizes JUG meetings and conferences.

pasfoto 2.jpg


Author of "Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi" (webtechie.be/books/). Software developer with more than 25 years of experience in video, multimedia, technical project management, digital signage and (web) programming. At work focusing on Java, but also used or using ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server, Flex, CSS, HTML5, Java, Eclipse, Qt... At home experimenting with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.




Almas is a Senior Lecturer in Game Development at the University of Brighton, with a PhD in Computer Science. He has over 13 years of software development experience and he is a huge fan of open source. His prominent contributions to the JavaFX community include: the FXGL game engine, a wide range of games collated into the FXGLGames repository and a collection of practical JavaFX tutorials. Almas also has a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/almasb0/videos) focused on a range of tutorials using Java and JavaFX.




Florian Kirmaier is a cofounder and CTO of Sandec and JPro (https://jpro.one).

He is the lead developer of JPro, a product that allows you to host your JavaFX application in the web.

He's actively engaged in the JavaFX Community, as a committer to OpenJFX and 

other parts of the JavaFX ecosystem.


He's especially experienced in hunting down memory leaks and 

has developed his innovative library JMemoryBuddy (https://github.com/Sandec/JMemoryBuddy) to write unit tests for memory leaks.

This way various leaks are fixed in the JavaFX ecosystem and regressions are prevented.



Pedro is a freelance consultant. His passion and work for the past 15 years has been all about applications with user interfaces and all the aspects that come with it, including its Design and UX.

Besides being a Software Engineer he is also a Software Designer, sometimes creating the Design of applications for his clients or redesigning already existing ones. He has worked for companies that are tech leaders, including companies that help create the technologies that developers use to create the interfaces of their applications.

He has worked professionally with JavaFX since its very first preview version.


In his free time, he likes doing open source. He has created projects like: JMetro, FXRibbon, FXParallax, FXCharts, FXValidation, some of them powering the most well-known JavaFX software (like NASA’s DSTE). He has also contributed to JFxtras and ControlsFX. You can learn more and read his articles on his site at www.pixelduke.com