JFX Days Zurich 2019
Dec 02, 2019, 8:00 AM
Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Day 1: Performance Workshop

The performance workshop given by Anton Epple will help you to better understand possible performance issues in your JavaFX application and how to get around them.

What is it all about?

Come to the JFX days and spend three highly focused conference days on anything related to the JavaFX UI technology.


Visit the training classes to learn how to program JavaFX applications, spend a relaxed day in sessions on cool UI stuff, or finally bring your Java apps to mobile platforms such as iOS or Android with Gluon.

Attendees will enjoy tasty coffee and excellent lunch breaks on each day, giving ample opportunity to talk with fellow JavaFX developers.

This event is being organized by DLSC Software & Consulting GmbH and sponsored by Karakun.

Day 2: Presentations  

"Native Rendering", "Tips & Tricks", "Deploy to Mobile", and so on. Enjoy a variety of talks covering all kinds of aspects of JavaFX. Several of our speakers are Java Champions and / or Java One Rockstars.

Day 3: Testing Workshop

Testing user interfaces is always a big challenge as the interface between machine and human tends to be very complex and dynamic in nature. In this workshop you will learn which tools and techniques are at your disposal to properly test your JavaFX application.